Rental Portfolio Loan



Do you want to purchase or refinance multiple investment rental properties? Partner with CIVIC for a long-term solution to consolidate your rental properties and generate cash flow.

Key Facts About Our Rental Portfolio Loan


30-Year term, Fixed Rate Mortgage (Fully Amortizing) 5/6, 7/6, 10/6 Hybrid ARMs (Partial IO or Fully Amortizing)

Lease Requirements

Minimum Occupancy Rate of 90% by Unit Count

Leased Units: Lower of (i) In-Place Rent & (ii) Market Rent

Unleased Units: 90% of Market Rent (Purchase Loans only)


Non Recourse with 'bad-boy' carveouts and Pledge of Equity of Borrowing Entity

Loan Purpose

Blanket loan for purchase, rate-term refinance, or cash-out of a portfolio of rental properties

Minimum Fico

660 (for portfolios at or under $2MM and 10 properties)

All other portfolios: 680

Borrower Type

Entity required

Interest Rate

Call for quote

Property Type

Non-Owner Occupied:

Single Family Residences (SFR)

2-4 unit properties

Warrantable condos



Minimum debt service coverage ratio (net cash flow/debt service)

For portfolios with ≤ $2MM AND ≤ 10 properties: 1.10x (Gross Rent/PITIA)

For all other portfolios: 1.20x (Net Cash Flow/Debt Service)

Vacancy Minimum

Min. 90% occupancy rate by unit count

Rural Properties

Not permitted

Foreign Nationals

Eligible at maximum 65% LTV

Minimum Loan Amount

$250K - $50MM

Property Restrictions

No vacation or seasonal rentals

Maximum Loan-To-Value (Ltv)

Up to 80% on purchase and refi. Up to 75% on cash-out

Seasoning Requirement (To Use Value Vs. Cost Basis)

180 days

Over $8 Billion in loans for Real Estate Investors
CIVIC Rental Property program provides a practical solution for obtaining the long-term financing you require. Our primary goal is to support you throughout the process, which is why we provide adaptable term lengths and funding choices to ensure your progress remains unhindered.

Why Choose a Rental Portfolio Loan?

  • We treat your rental properties like your own small business, and we underwrite to the cash flow they will produce, not your personal income.
  • Portfolio loans allow you to consolidate multiple rental properties into one convenient loan, so you’re not juggling monthly payments on each individual property.
  • We offer several different options for loan terms, rate and pre-payment, so you can choose what’s best for your specific needs.